This website makes references to a number of terms that may not be familiar to you. Use the links below to explore this glossary.



a structural roof member that slopes up from the wall to the ridge or peak of a roof and supports the roof covering



sculptural ornamental design slightly raised from or recessed from the surface



architectural style first developed in 15th century Italy, marking the return of classical art and learning; characterized by the use of the classical architectural orders and round arches arranged in a symmetrical composition



continuation of a moulding at a right angle on an adjacent surface



regularly repeating sequence or pattern, composed of alternating masses and voids, light and shadow, or different colors


Ribbon Window

series of windows separated by narrow mullions arranged side-by-side to form a continuous band


Ridge Beam

beam that supports rafters at the ridge of a roof


Rose Window

round window



stonework emphasized by recessed joints or roughly cut block faces