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triangular upper portion of a wall formed by the slopes of a pitched roof


Gable Roof

roof with gables at each end


Gabled Hip Roof

hip roof with a small gable over it



long porch across a facade


Gambrel Roof

roof similar to a gable roof but with two pitches on each side of the roof peak


Georgian Revival (1905 - 1930)

Compared to the eclectic and buoyant styles of the late nineteenth century, Georgian Revival is conservative. A typical Georgian Revival Structure is rectangular in plan and symmetrical in arrangement. Design elements include a hipped or sometimes rectangular roof, eaves are associated with a classical cornice, and a palladian window frequently provides the focal point for the front facing facade. The style is usually associated with houses, smaller offices and apartment buildings.



decorative wooden trim


Gothic Revival (1850 - 1900)

Based on a revival of medieval architecture, Gothic Revival was one of the most enduring architectural styles of nineteenth century Canada. The style is associated with domestic as well as public buildings and is characterized by pointed arches and steeply pitched roofs that are often highlighted with intricate mouldings and heavy barge-boards.