This website makes references to a number of terms that may not be familiar to you. Use the links below to explore this glossary.



roof-like projecting cover over a window, door, or niche



unsupported end of a beam that overhangs a wall, column post or pier



decorative feature at the top of a column or pilaster


Casement Window

window where the sash is hinged along its vertical edge and swings to the side like a door



v-shaped decoration typically used in a continuous band as a moulding



vertical structure of brick or stone to carry up smoke from a fireplace or furnace



thin narrow board used for covering the exterior of timber-framed buildings



architecture of ancient Greece and Rome, and subsequent styles derived from these; characterized by the use of the five orders of classical columns consisting of the Doric, Ionic and Corinthian orders of Hellenic Greece, and the Tuscan and Composite orders of Imperial Rome


Clerestorey Window

elevated series of windows for light and ventilation



upright post, usually a tapered cylinder, used for support or decoration; in classical architecture a column consists of a base, shaft and capital


Column Plinth

square slab forming the bottom element of a column base



artificial stone mixture made by combining water, an aggregate of crushed stone and sand, and a cementing or bonding material



masonry unit or series of masonry units that progressively step out from a supporting wall or column; creates a shelf or bracket to support overhanging masonry walls or corbel tables, the bases of arches, or ornamental elements


Corbel Table

projecting line of masonry or belt courses supported by corbels



horizontal, projecting decorative moulding along the top of a wall or building; top portion of an entablature



series of square indentations in a parapet giving a castle-like appearance



line of ornaments on the ridge of a roof, often made of wrought iron



small domed structure on top of a roof or larger dome


Curtain Wall

non-loadbearing, prefabricated exterior sheathing system usually consisting of steel or masonry spandrel panels and/or window panels attached to a structural frame of steel or concrete