This website makes references to a number of terms that may not be familiar to you. Use the links below to explore this glossary.



anything to reflect sound downwards or outwards, such as a louvre; series of sloping louvres in a belfry



two ogee curves meeting in the middle to form a decorative treatment. Used over an arch, door, or window American Colonial Revival a period revival based upon broad interpretations of New England Colonial, Beaux-Arts Classicism, Georgian or Southern Colonial styles; Dutch and Spanish Colonial elements were also popular



series of arches



curved structure spanning across the top of an opening in a vertical surface (such as a wall)



the art and science of designing and building structures



lowest member of an entablature


Art Nouveau

design movement shunning imitation of past styles; popular primarily in the 1890s; characterized by stylized undulating natural forms such as waves, flower stems, leaves and flowing hair


Arts and Crafts Movement

design movement in architecture led by the British designer, William Morris (1834-1896); characterized by stylized, two-dimensional forms, naturally finished materials and hand-crafted production; in the first two decades of the 20th century The Craftsman magazine was an influential exponent of these design principles in the Unites States; often referred to as the Craftsman movement



hewn stone blocks with straight-cut edges



composition that is off-balance with respect to a point of reference, such as an imaginary centre-line, as it is drawn through the plan of a facade



space beneath the sloping pitch of a roof and above the uppermost full storey of a building