The history of Brandon is full of interesting people who have helped to shape the city as we know it today. Use the links below to explore the names from Brandon's past.

People (Glossary)


Yaeger, Gustave

Furrier Gustave Yaeger, one of Brandon’s most colorful characters, was born to German parents in Genoa, Italy. He travelled through much of North America as a hobo until he made his way to Brandon in 1910. Yaeger worked at a variety of jobs until 1919, when he opened a combination fur coat factory and retail store. Known for his instinctive promotions, Yaeger could often be seen on the downtown streets on the hottest summer days, all buttoned up in one of his coats. Yaeger was rarely seen without a cigar in his mouth, even until his death in 1942.


Yates, James

James Yates was born in Ontario in 1873 before moving to Manitoba with his family in 1877. Upon moving to Brandon, Yates established a heating and plumbing business. Yates is known to have installed plumbing systems in countless buildings, including the Brandon Court House, the Brandon Mental Health Center, the Bank of Montreal, the Winter Fair Building, and the Bank of Commerce. Yates died in 1944.