Heritage as a concept can be understood as a tangible thing such as an object like a building or an artifact and can even be a part of our natural environment, such as a park. It can also be intangible, as in language, customs, songs and oral history. Heritage encompasses the identification, protection and promotion of things that are important in our culture and history. Heritage conservation can include the natural environment, buildings or even whole neighborhoods. One example of heritage conservation as a whole, is downtown Brandon. Revitalizing & protecting old neighborhoods—like downtown Brandon—ensures that our quality of life is improved and that community cohesion is maintained.


"A people without the Knowledge of their past history, origin & culture is like a tree without roots"- Marcus Gravey


Heritage Conservation can be Seen on Multiple Levels:

  •  incentives & fundraising efforts
  • advertisement campaigns 
  • grant programs
  • student internships
  • educational programs
  • tourism programs 
  • marketing strategies
  • & events like Doors Open!

Some Benefits to Heritage Conservation Include:

  • job opportunities
  • increased community revenue
  • community pride
  • increased sense of belonging
  • better understanding of Canadian history 
  • economic development