Municipal heritage designation involves additional protection of a site, building or structure, such as the requirement of a municipal heritage permit before doing work on a character defining element, but there are benefits to designation.

  • Access to heritage financial incentives
  • Maintaining the original character of a heritage site can be more expensive than maintaining an ordinary building with contemporary materials due to the unique materials and labour force required. The City of Brandon and Manitoba Historic Resources Branch have incentive programs to help offset the premium costs of heritage conservation.
  • Positive effects on property values
  • Research across Canada showed that designated heritage buildings tend to appreciate in value and perform better on the real estate market compared to undesignated buildings. One possible reason is that people consider heritage designation a premium feature. Well-maintained heritage sites tend to be more attractive and so better keep property values. This in turn encourages maintenance and livability of surrounding properties.
  • Opportunities for public recognition
  • All Municipal Heritage Sites in Brandon qualify for a designation plaque. Visit this page for more information or if your Municipal Heritage Site does not have a plaque.


Designation does not mean

  • Increased insurance premiums
  • Municipal designation should not cause your insurance premiums to increase. Insurance premiums depend more on other factors such as features or components that make a building safer or dangerous. Most Municipal Heritage Sites in Brandon do not include interior features under the designations, meaning you can do interior improvements to make your building safer, such as upgrading fire alarm systems.
  • You must open your property or site to the public
  • Participation in the annual Doors Open Brandon event is voluntary. Designation legally protects a property as a historically significant site but does not require the property to be publicly accessible. Some Municipal Heritage Sites may accessible publicly due to the uses established on them, such as museums or businesses serving walk-in customers.
  • You cannot modify a building or structure without a municipal heritage permit
  • If you propose to modify a character-defining element of a building, structure, or site as identified in the Municipal Heritage Site’s designation, a municipal heritage permit is required to ensure the proposal does not detrimentally affect the heritage character of the building, structure, or site. Where only exterior features, such as windows and roofs, are protected, interior renovations do not require municipal heritage permits. Be aware that some modifications or renovations may still require other City of Brandon approvals, such as a building permit.