The Manitoba Historic Resources Branch has a brochure that provides information to help you answer this question.

In short, Municipal heritage designation means:


The site is legally recognized for having historic significance in the community through architecture, a person associated with the site or an event associated with the site


Particular features and qualities of a site are protected, for the site’s importance and meaning to the community would be lost if those features and qualities are damaged or destroyed. In Brandon, designation often involves exterior features only. On rare occasions are interior features included in a designation


The City of Brandon acknowledges the importance of the site and commits to recognize and protect it, such as through our municipal heritage permits and plaque program. The owner of the site commits to protect and maintain the site for future generations of our community. This is a long-term commitment for everyone.


Before nominating a site for municipal heritage designation, consider the:

  1. Condition of the site (e.g. does it maintain its original character? What maintenance and major repairs are necessary?)
  2. Human resources to manage and maintain the site
  3. Financial viability of maintaining a designated site (e.g. financial plan for maintenance and repairs, funding opportunities)


Designation involves more protection, but it also comes with several benefits.