Updated Heritage Conservation By-law

City Council adopted the current Heritage Conservation By-law on April 18, 2017. This was the first significant review of the by-law since it was first adopted in 2001. Some of the changes included:

  • Clarifying the scope of the Brandon Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee
  • Clarifying site protection and enforcement provisions in accordance with The Heritage Resources Act
  • Creating a Commemorative Sites category

Visit our Laws, By-laws, Regulations and Plans page to view this by-law.

Revised Heritage Incentive Program

City Council adopted a revised Municipal Heritage Incentive Program on November 20, 2017. This was done after a review in 2016 concluded that the old Municipal Heritage Tax Credit Program was ineffective in promoting heritage conservation and inefficient to administer. Visit our Municipal Heritage Incentive Program page for more information, or our Laws, By-laws, Regulations and Plans page to view the Heritage Incentive By-law.