The Brandon Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee (MHAC), through the City of Brandon Planning, Property & Buildings Department (PPB), issues municipal heritage permits for work proposed on Municipal Heritage Sites. This permitting process allows MHAC to ensure the proposed work maintains the heritage character of the affected site. To obtain a municipal heritage permit, you can start by completing this application form and submitting a complete application package to PPB. The following is a summary of the municipal heritage permit process that may take about one month at best:

  1. The applicant needs to provide details of the proposed work as part of the application package
  2. PPB reviews the application and provides its analysis and recommendations to MHAC
  3. PPB schedules a date and time for the application to be presented to MHAC
    1. The applicant is required to attend the MHAC meeting to present the application to and answer questions from MHAC
  4. MHAC will deliberate and render a decision, and PPB will relay the decision to the applicant
    1. The proposed work must comply with the Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada
    2. MHAC can approve, with or without conditions, or reject a municipal heritage permit application
    3. If MHAC approves an application, PPB will provide the applicant a copy of the permit
    4. If MHAD rejects an application, the applicant may file an appeal, and City Council will make a final decision
  5. The applicant may concurrently apply for other permits, such as a building permit, but approvals for those permits will be withheld pending MHAC’s decision on the associated municipal heritage permit
  6. The successful applicant will have a year to complete the work approved under the heritage permit, including any and all conditions of approval

A municipal heritage permit is not required for the following situations:

  • Any work on a Municipal Heritage Site that is also designated as a Provincial Heritage Site and/or a National Historic Site, and the provincial or federal authority having jurisdiction approves the proposed work
  • Ordinary maintenance or repair of a building, structure or site designated as a Municipal Heritage Site where such maintenance or repair will not alter, demolish, remove, destroy or damage any character-defining elements on the building, structure or site
  • Any work in the interior of a building or structure, unless a Municipal Heritage Site designation protects the interior

Be advised that work on a building or structure may require other approvals, such as a building permit from PPB.