City of Brandon By-laws

The following are by-laws and plans administered by the City of Brandon that directly affect heritage.

Heritage Conservation By-law

This by-law regulates the Brandon Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee (MHAC) and Municipal Heritage Sites in Brandon, including but not limited to the designation and heritage permit processes. 

Heritage Incentive By-law

This by-law establishes the Brandon Municipal Heritage Incentive Program. Visit this page for more information on this program. 

The City of Brandon Culture Plan

This plan provides a vision on the role of culture in the city and a guide for the City to address cultural issues. Heritage is a significant cultural component. 

Heritage Management Plan

This document is an action plan for MHAC in implementing the policies of the City of Brandon Culture Plan.


Other Laws

There are also laws and plans from other government entities that provide direction on how we deal with heritage in Brandon.

The Heritage Resources Act

This Manitoba law governs many heritage issues in the province, such as the creation of municipal heritage advisory committees and the designation of heritage sites. 

The Brandon & Area Planning District Development Plan

The Development Plan is a long-range planning policy document, providing direction to the City of Brandon on how the city should develop.