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The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Parish was instituted in 1904. The first church was built on the corner of First Street and Lorne Avenue. As more Ukrainian families moved to Brandon, the small church could not accommodate the growth and a larger, European style church was built at 933 Assiniboine Avenue. Leo Mol, a famous artist and sculptor, painted the beautiful images on the ceiling of the church which still exist today. In 1997 contractors refinished the exterior of the church and added a new foyer to the structure.  In 1999, the interior of the church was upgraded. Stained glass windows were installed, new pews replaced the old ones, and a new chandelier (imported from Greece) was installed. In 2011, the restoration of the Leo Mol paintings was undertaken by Master Artist Jozef Riebesteijn.  In addition, the carpet in the sanctuary was removed and the hardwood floor was restored to a beautiful finish. New high tech lighting was installed and the walls were painted a beautiful burgundy color. This created a tone of majestic grace to the ambiance of the Church.

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