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A Jewish synagogue was erected at this address in 1906. In 1925, businessman Francis Massin acquired the property and had this large brick home constructed for his family residence. Massin was born in Prague in 1866 and immigrated to Iowa where he entered the hide and fur business. In 1910, Massin relocated to Brandon to establish a hide and fur company. Thanks to Massin’s business, Brandon became one of the most important fur trade centres in the West.  After Massin’s death in 1956, his son Francis C. Massin continued to live in the home and operate the family business, which closed in 1964. In the 1960s, the home was sold to Brandon College (University) to be used as the residence of the institution’s president. The home continues to serve this purpose today.

This attractive brick home is a testament to the immense wealth and success garnered by Massin’s company.  Combining elements of the Georgian and Bungalow styles, the design boasts a hipped roof complete with hipped dormers, flared wide eaves, and exposed rafters. The windows are accented by bevelled glass, side lights, and decorative sills and voussoirs. The home’s most distinguishing feature is a semicircular balcony that shelters the main entrance and is supported by two large columns. The blue spruce trees were planted shortly after the home was built.

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