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With its distinct stepped-gable that rises to a pinnacle, this is one of the most uniquely styled homes in the city. The starkness of the front is relieved somewhat by the brick banding. A bay window and brick detailing provide similar relief on the south wall. The house was owned originally by Brandon's first City Solicitor and Registrar of the Land Titles Office, F.G.A. Henderson. The different colour and texture of the brick attest to the fact that the battlement-studded portico was a later addition.

The west side of the 300 block of 13th Street serves as a good illustration of how a keen-eyed landscape observer can use architectural styles and additional landscape clues to reconstruct the approximate sequence of growth of a city block. A quick survey of the eight houses on tills block leads one to conclude that the previously mentioned McGregor and Henderson houses, along with the stucco-covered brick house on the north comer, and the large wood frame house toward the south end at 356 are almost certainly the oldest buildings on the block. The central location of the McGregor house, along with the expanse of its original lawn, as indicated by the wrought iron fence, are strong clues that this is the first house built on the block. The Victorian style of the other two early brick homes suggest that they date from the same period and were the next to be built. The large two- storey wood frame home is somewhat newer- In comparison, the styles of the remaining four houses that face Thirteenth Street are much more modern. Of these, the one-storey clapboard homes on either side of the McGregor house are the oldest, followed by the multiple family home next to the Henderson house. The remaining two residences are very recent additions. Step back for a moment and in your mind's eye try to imagine what this block would have looked like not all that many years ago, before the five most recent houses were built. The process of lot subdivision and later construction is often referred to as in-filling.

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