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Built in 1912, this home originally belonged to Alfred Reginald McDiarmid. Before this new house was built, Alfred Reginald and his wife, Sybil, resided at 451 3rd Street. McDiarmid was the president and manager of McDiarmid & Clark, a lumber dealer and sash and door manufacturer.  He was elected mayor of Brandon in 1919. McDiarmid died in 1944, leaving the home to his wife, who would reside at the address for over ten more years.

The Bungalow-style home is built with a gable roof and gable-shaped dormers. The roof is trimmed with bargeboard, brackets, flared wide eaves, and moulding. Exposed beams and rafters add a decorative touch. The home’s open verandah is supported by large columns. Pilasters, a brick belt, and bay windows decorate the home’s exterior.   

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